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What is Rapid360°TM?

About Rapid360°TM

Rapid360˚TM is a web based Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform that Collects, Correlates, and Analyzes threat data from multiple sources including Clear Web, Deep Web and Dark Web, to identify relevant threats that affects the customers. Rapid360˚TM engine actively process collected data to produce Targeted Threat Intel Intelligence that includes Global Threats and Corporate Threats. This Intelligence produced is integrated with Assessed Corporate Risks to get better visibility to various risks that matter to your business. Rapid360˚TM also provides an Analytic Suite Platform for customers to understand and analyze both Direct and Indirect threats targeting them.


Reconnaissance Engine consists of primarily Collection Process in Threat Intelligence Cycle. This engine collects information from multiple sources and store them.


Collected data must be analyzed to produce meaningful information. Analysis and Production Engine applies different analytics for this process and remove noises from the collected data set.


Integration and Dissemination Engine represents the generated Threat Intelligence in an intuitive way that is consumable to the respective audience by using dashboards, scores, alerts, meters, and reports.


Global Threats

What are the trends in current threat landscape? What are the current on-going campaigns? What are the trending vulnerabilities?


Corporate Threats

Not all global threats targets customers. It is important to translate identified global threats to corporate threats for determining what threats could potentially affect customers and prioritize which one to fix first.


Corporate Risks

Security is all about managing risks. Having a better understanding of Corporate Threats can help in better assessment of corporate risk, and manage them.

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Marlabs Inc. is a provider of Information Technology services headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, US. Marlabs has offices and solution delivery centers across the US, Canada, Mexico, and India. Marlabs has in-house data centers in the US and in India and operates advanced technology training centers in Bethlehem, US and Mysore, India. Marlabs provides Information Technology services in the Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Testing, Application Development, Maintenance and Digital Asset Management spaces.

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